"Invent a business that smiles on the world.
Discover what is needed that you believe in with all your heart.
A service you love to do.
Let it be your classroom.
Try new ideas. Play with everything. Dive in.
Cherish good people including yourself. Get negative people out of your life.
Romp on the floor with your dog. Make friends with trees. Listen to their stories.
Believe in butterflies. If they can fly a thousand miles, think what you can do.
Earn enough for your need but not for your greed, leaving a heritage so that when you
die you will be missed."
-Sami Sunchild

The Story of While You Were Gone

I graduated college in 2001 with a business degree and began a 3 year lucrative, yet unfulfilling career in retail management. After much reflection, I decided to pursue a profession that was a labor of love...working with animals.

A three month course was available in Florida for exotic animal husbandry. This training consisted of interacting with tigers, lions, chimps, bears, wolves, mountain lions, monkeys, lesser apes, lemurs, etc. I am now certified in exotic animal husbandry. This was an unforgettable time of my life.

Once I returned to New Jersey, I accepted a position at a busy animal hospital/boarding facility. Although I gained valuable knowledge and skills, it did not allow me to devote one-on-one attention to each animal, due to the vastness of the hospital/kennel.

After much soul searching, I decided to become a pet sitter and start my own business, "While You Were Gone Petsitting Service" and apply my experiences and passion in a field that I love.
I hope to meet you and the special members of your family soon...

Eleanor, Owner of While You Were Gone Pet Sitting Service
LLC 1-973-863-2378

Celebrating 12 years of service. Established May 2005


While You Were Gone Pet Sitting Service LLC is a proud member of Pet Sitters International and petsitting.com

We have been in business over 10 years, with no gimmicks and are fully Bonded and Insured

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